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NEW SOUNDS: Keilan Creech – “Honey Waits” (Single / Video)

Keilan Creech – ‘Honey Waits’ available on iTunes.

Keilan Creech

by Walter Price


As ‘indie’ music started to show its variety and a good majority of honesty in the genre’s music artists, I’ve often wondered what people like Billy Preston or a solo George Harrison could have accomplished with home-brewed productions.

For whatever reasons my brain has decided on, the new Keilan Creech track. “Honey Waits”,  reminds me of these stripped down dreams of what could have been different if Harrison went in fewer rockstar approaches in his solo career. And this no slight at one of the greatest artists of all-time. It was a different time. And in that era, it was a go big or go home. Slick.

Keilan Creech has a way lyricizing subtly urgent emotions that strike us all in times of love and strife. Raw brilliance in the soft guitars pillowing thoughts that can and will be interpreted by each listener, driven by personal histories. I’d like to think the song is those burgeoning thoughts as romance blossoms and the possibilities are infinite. Even the subsequent pains.

walk me in
back to the bedroom end
speak up if sin begins
and I can be anything
move me, move me

inside out our cusp was severed
you’d pull me down so I’d trust whatever
but oh my god
we’re more than I thought

honey waits
always in dire straits
and scars and silent pain
but I can be anything
move me, move me

If you’re looking to the track’s video for perfectly laid-out answers, you may be slightly disappointed. More of a dream sequence than a film of solutions, it makes everything mysterious about this new single beautifully equivocal…



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