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26. August 2016 By Walter Price 0

5 Albums That Shaped Musician Kandur

Kandur shares 5 life changing albums Kandur albums   Kandur music by Ilker Kandur (website) Here are some records that influenced and inspired me personally and musically. All of these albums were released in the late 90s and early 2000s, and had a big impact on me in my early teenage years, that made me pick up a guitar, drop a fight, forgive, forget, love and hate. Foo Fighters – There Is Nothing Left to Lose 1999 I think this is one of the best albums ever made and it’s my favorite FF album, perhaps because it captures the core members of the band as a trio. From the album photography by Danny Clinch, to track listing, everything just makes perfect sense. This record draws you in with catchy hit songs and then takes you by the hand on a journey into outer space. Stacked Actors and Aurora are my favorites. It features so many good sounds that we used it as a reference album during the mixing sessions of my upcoming record. Queens of the Stone Age – Queens of the Stone Age 1998 I had these friends from school with whom I was playing Dungeons & Dragons while listening to some classic metal. One of the kids brought this album one day. It Blew my mind and introduced me to a whole new genre, which led me discover Kyuss, Masters of Reality, Desert Sessions and all those other Stoner Rock / Palm Desert Scene. When I think about heavy music, I think about this album. Mexicola is my favorite! Oasis – Definitely Maybe 1994 I don’t remember when or where I first listened to this album, but it was always there for me. I listen to it at least once a month because it is the ultimate motivator. Who needs self help books when you have Definitely Maybe?? Just look at the songs “Rock N Roll Star”, “Live Forever”, “Supersonic”! In my cover band days, we always had a song from this album in our set list. Audioslave – Audioslave 2002 There was this guitar store that I used to go all the time when I was living in Kiev. One day I heard a song starting with two chord hits over a driving drum beat and it grabbed my attention. When I looked at the screen that music was coming from, there was this badass desert car chase music video of Show Me How To Live. I was hypnotized and could feel my head start to bang. I listened to that album over and over. The early 2000’s were full of rock bands with uninspiring lyrics and unlike most of them, this album delivers so many powerful messages. It influenced me in many ways. Even my current guitar rig is heavily inspired by the one that Tom Morello used to record this record. MFÖ – M.V.A.B. 1995 MFÖ is probably the most popular Turkish band ever. My parents took me to a MFÖ concert when I was barely able to speak but that show inspired my whole life. At that young age I knew I wanted to be on the stage, playing rock n’ roll! My mom still keeps my drawings of an MFÖ show I drew when I was 3 years old. Then this album came along – it was the coolest thing ever, three guys wearing dark sunglasses, singing in three voices,  playing rock n roll, everything was black and white – all the videos and photos. That album made me want to play the guitar and play it loud!         social media translations

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