stop the terror
14. November 2015 By Walter Price 0

Just Stop It

stop the terrorby Walter Price


I am not political but I am a devout humanist and to see this ongoing and discussing display of hate towards, better yet, disregard for innocent lives as ISIS has promoted the past few years is an abomination. After spending the past year and feverishly the past several hours reading up and trying without success to gather even a smidge of understanding of what this collective wants from the world, I as well as 99% of the peaceful citizens of this planet, have no fucking idea why or what these maniacs are really about. I do know it isn’t what God wants.

I do know this…attacking, brutalizing and ultimately killing 128 and injuring some 180 more in Paris is no way to get your point across. I know there are misguided and lost souls that leave the safety of their lives to join up with these nuts but that is a social matter that should be addressed as soon as possible. I cry for them.

As I type this I have so many thoughts, feelings, angst and flat out sad turns to anger that I am finding it hard to focus but I want it known that music lovers of the world should petition their governments to step up to this, the latest, tragedy and thumb to the noses of the civilized world and put an end to this group who isn’t just destroying lives. Whether with senseless killings via suicide bombers or the endless fear campaigns…this group need be no more.Just as any group or individual who sees fear, pain and death as tools to further agendas.

To my fellow Americans, the ones on the left…put your government hating selves (some of you do feel this way) on and your need to think it’s the Vietnam era and want to ‘give peace a chance-ness’ on pause. There will be world peace EVER. But one step in the right direction is to put an end to groups like this and nip the new replacements in the bud as soon as they’re known, not countless dead humans later.

To my European friends who like to ballyhoo the USA as ‘The world’s police’ please put those thoughts in your back pocket for a time. Let there be a unified effort to end, destroy this fear machine and if The USA has the means, muscle and firepower to ge things rolling, so be it.

All religions have had extremist beliefs, teachings and followers over history and it has never been okay. Innocent blood being spilled only convinces the weak. In this modern age, there should be no reason for you and I not to reach-out to our struggling friends and neighbors and build them up with hope, love and understanding and lessen the appeal of these extreme groups and their teachings.

I have no idea what the targeting of hundreds of beautiful innocent human beings attending a glorious rock concert by Eagles of Death Metal has to do with religion or politics. I truly do not. I know the world of music is a huge part of my life and a growing part of my. To think that innocuous event like a concert could be brought into the world of hate, fear and suffering causes a sadness I cannot and probably will never be able to understand or explain.

My thoughts, love and prayers go out to everyone affected by this most recent display of hate and disregard.

Long liveLove, Rock N Roll and ultimately Peace on Earth.

#PrayForParis #PrayForMankind #LoveForAll #WorldFreedom