30. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

John Peel the Real Deal

DJ John Peel

Today would have been the great British DJ and champion of underground music John Peel’s  birthday. He would have been a vibrant and sassy 74.

Never heard of John Peel? 

John Peel, BBC Radio DJ. Journalist and TV presenter. He was the longest running BBC Radio 1 and the most influential British DJ ever. He was one of the first broadcasters to play psychedelic rock and progressive rock records on British radio, and is widely acknowledged for promoting artists working in various genres, including pop, reggae, indie rock, alternative rock, punk, hardcore punk, breakcore, grindcore, death metal, British hip hop, and dance music. 

When I was in high school, in Texas, there was nothing cooler than going to the record shop to see if there were any new Peel Session EPs out. Being recorded live in The UK and then being played in my room and car seemed like i was traveling the world.

I spent countless hours with my seemingly vast Peel Sessions collection. The Smiths, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cure, Joy Division, New Order, Napalm Death and on and on…

I truly miss that collection and my overly eager anticipation of each new release.

“All songs are about shagging, you can’t deny it” -John Peel

“If the emergency tape comes on, you’ll be listening to something ghastly like Destiny’s Child”  – John Peel

“If the audience are leaving in ambulances, you know you’ve done a good job” – John Peel

R.I.P. John Peel (1939-2004)

Also Born Today: Ronald Beitle – Wild Cherry (1954), Paul Oakenfold (1963), George Ryan Ross III – Panic At The Disco (1986), Mickey Moody – Juicy Lucy (1954) and Kitty Wells (1919-2011)