AVES feat. Charlotta Kerbs Jaguar
29. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

AVES feat. Charlotta Kerbs Jaguar

AVES feat. Charlotta Kerbs Jaguar is available on Spotify, Tidal, Kieku Records

AVES feat. Charlotta Kerbs Jaguar

by Walter Price

The sparkling and brimming with symbolism new single “Jaguar” from Helsinki dream-pop outfit AVES is billed as a “summer yacht rock anthem“, but truth be told this one has perhaps more of its DNA rooted in the bright lights of the disco era.

The groove could be within the same vibes of popular cuts from Looking Glass or possibly Atlanta Rhythm Section, but its guest vocalist Charlotta Kerbs‘ fabulous otherworldly vocals prevent this track from going full Supertramp. But without a doubt, the combination of classic soft rock, psych, disco, and of course Kerbs all work in good time harmony.

In a quote provided to the GTC, Aves shares the single’s backstory, “Jaguar” is about someone troubled by their past. As an escape from this burden, they spend their days as if half asleep, dissociated from the people and events around them. One day a jaguar appears to them in a waking dream. Its grace and confidence reminds them of a purer self. Someone with the strength to break destructive habits and regain control of their life.”

You can stream the dazzling “Jaguar”, here at the GTC.

AVES feat. Charlotta Kerbs Jaguar

Artwork, band photo, and quote courtesy of IKI.family

Produced by Jonas Verwijnen, Kaiku Studios
Mixed by Luca Buccellati

Antti Ojala
Joonas Hakava
Eino Anttila

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“2022 will be an exciting year for Aves as they release five new singles (May, July, August, October, November), and finally the full album early next year. Aves has also been selected to score the music for a short film called Neon Cross, which tells an intense story about a conversion therapy cult and how its victims finally revolt and break free. The film will be directed by Inka Rusi (CalArts) and is produced by Onerva Pictures Oy and Grillimedia Oy.” – press sheet

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