It Started with a Teardrop
12. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…building me a boat, HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUND It Started With a Teardrop

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It Started with a Teardrop

by Walter Price

Swedish roots-rockers Hellsingland Underground returns with a deeply personal post-pandemic open letter chockful of their signature bluesy laced storytelling. “It Started with a Teardrop”, of course, blends in plenty honky tonk swagger and subtle boogie-woogie groove, so gather your friends and family for this one.

And I’m still struggling here
To get along
Painting pictures, writing songs
But it’s such a different world these days
You wouldn’t believe it, babe

It started with a teardrop
That soon became a puddle
That turned into a stream
That soon became a river

No need to go in on the depths and meaning of frontman Charlie Granberg’s (w/ Peter Henriksson) lyrics, this song, as with their previous releases, is a journey to be experienced and processed individually. But for me, the sense of things are ever-changing and the storyteller here offers some solace and grounds for persevering in the new scenery.

An accompanying performance music video shot by Christian Jonsson and edited by Granberg in the same band-owned recording studio and clubhouse, Hellsquaters, as their new album was recorded is available below. Speaking about the new studio, the band posted this on their official website, “We, as in the band Hellsingland Underground, have bought a tower! And in the top of that tower, there is a recording studio. The fact that this tower, located on an old sawmill, contains a top-class studio, is perhaps the only good reason for buying a tower, at least that we can think of.

“To own your own studio on the other hand, is an old dream coming true, in a year where so many dreams have gotten crushed. It will also work as our rehearsal place, storage, and hang-out place. We are calling it Hellquarters. Follow us here on FB and on Instagram if you like. Or maybe you want to record something? If so, get in touch! And right now, in that very studio, we have begun recording what will be our sixth album. More info about that and other things later on. Take care out there. We miss you so much.”

“It Started with a Teardrop” is taken from HU’s forthcoming studio album ‘Endless Optimism’, which is expected on 9 November. You can stream the new track and see its film, here at the GTC.


Artwork via Facebook // Lyrics via YouTube // Quote courtesy of

Written by Charlie Granberg and guitarist Peter Henriksson

VIDEO: Filmed by Christian Jonsson. Edited by Charlie Granberg

Charlie Granberg / Jerry Ask / Peter Henriksson / Martin Karlsson / Thomas Pettersson / Patrik Jansson

website // facebook // instagram

It started with a teardrop
That soon became a puddle
That turned into a stream
That soon became a river
The river turned into a sea
That soon became an ocean
Well, I’m building me a boat
And I hope it will float

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