8. January 2014 By Walter Price 0

Is Macaulay Culkin’s The Pizza Underground Cheesy?

The Pizza Underground

By Walter Price

What do The Velvet Underground and your favorite snack meal, pizza, have in common? Well, absolutely nothing….Until now that is.

There is a brand new pizza themed tribute band making saucy internet waves and soon they will be playing dates to confirm they are a ‘band’. 

Not only is this a band who for whatever reasons have decided to transform some of the most notable Velvet Underground tracks into sonic homages to the delicious treat but it seems the group is led by no other than former child superstar Macaulay Culkin and backed by Matt Colbourn, Phoebe Kreutz, Deenah Vollmer & Austin Kilham.

Okay, that all sounds intriguing…They have released a clip. Check it out below and you decide what to make of it all.

The Pizza Underground: Facebook. / Tumblir

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