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25. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

…matter anymore, VIDEO: JAS FRANK & the INTOITS – Virtual Friends [Bogdan Veljkovic, editor]

Jas Frank & the Intoits – The Girl from Cherry Valley LP is available at Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Let’s assume that when Jas Frank and Dino Pitoski wrote the spot-on lyrics for the track, “Virtual Friends”, that they had no notion of the forthcoming pandemic and its subsequent worldwide isolations.

We can’t follow our hearts now
But it’s not good to be rational, oh no
Feeling somber isn’t modern anymore
You’re only something if you have it all

Yeah, and I don’t feel bad
Yeah, I’m just a little bit sad
Yeah, I’ll lean on myself
Yeah, hey I’ve got no one else

Ben Folds-esque lyrics wrapped in an ethereal dreamscape soundtrack are sentiments that playout poignantly in the here-and-now. Light and airy sounds that almost contradict the heaviness of the words. A beautiful and tactile yin and yang. As the accompanying video is stark visions of emptiness. Desolate streets, trains, and, classrooms standing in for the emotions many are trying to survive these days. Imagery, that tear at your soul.

“Virtual Friends” is from the phenomenally eclectic ‘The Girl from Cherry Valley’ LP, now available on most platforms.


Performed by Jas Frank & the Intoits
Music and lyrics by Jas Frank and Dino Pitoski
Produced and arranged by Marko Gacina/Slaven Bolanca
Mixed and mastered by Marko Gacina
Released in 2019 by QMind Music

Video concept by Jas Frank
Scenes selected and edited by Bogdan Veljkovic

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When you think about your life
Do you find it so better than mine?
Was it better doesn’t matter anymore
It makes no difference we’ll all once be gone

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