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Boogiest Band in Town HOLIDAY CLASSIC: Creem Circus – “Glamorous Christmas”


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by Walter Price


Not all Christmas songs are filled with Santa Claus, snowy hillsides, and decked hall. Every once in a while, there comes a rock n’ roll holiday track filled with beautiful thoughts of glam. Philadelphia’s Creem Circus have a seasonal song that fills those charismatic platformed shoes.

“Glamorous Christmas” rocks us back to this time of year when riff-heavy holiday tracks from T. Rex, Slade, Hanoi Rocks filled our boomboxes as we waited for Santa-man to fill our every wish. Such a wonderful time of year…

Before you cover your face with glitter, let’s go back a couple of years and read the Christmas memory Creem Circus’s Chris Th’ Pinto shared with Global Texan.

“I was a pretty average kid when I was young. I had a bike and Star Wars toys and a skateboard, but I had no real passion…nothing in my life that I was drawn to…until 1978. ’78 was the year that, for some reason, the look and the sound of the electric guitar completely consumed my thoughts. Maybe it was the first Boston album, or maybe the posters of Ritchie Blackmore on my cousins’ wall. Maybe it was watching Davey Johnstone playing a black Les Paul behind Elton John on the Yellow Brick Road tour. Whatever it was, I was hooked.

“I was 11 in ’78 and when I came down the steps on Christmas morning, there was a big triangular-shaped box under the tree. I ripped it open and found a 3/4 sized Global acoustic guitar inside, complete with a psychedelic hippy strap, chip-board case, and a little stick-on contact pickup. My uncle was a guitar player and he picked it out. He even converted it to left-handed for me. The contact pickup made it so the guitar could be amplified. I had no amp so I would plug it into a little tape recorder and push play and record to amplify the sound. I’m sure it sounded horrible to everyone else, but not to me. In my mind, I WAS Davey Johnstone Christmas morning 1978!”



Boogiest Band in Town

The Glitterest. Sladest. Rockin Est.Laidest. Overtime – Paidest. Boogiest Band in Town is out now !!!

The Glitterest. Sladest. Rockin Est.Laidest. Overtime - Paidest. Boogiest Band in Town

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