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22. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

…had a breakdown, DUCKS! Hey You

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Hey You

by Walter Price

According to many publications from Healthline, Cedars-Sinai, and more, the number of humans experiencing an increased sense of social phobia is on the rise and harder, for some, to manage in this post-pandemic world we’re all trying to navigate. And it’s not really a situation you’d be enticed to cut a rug during.

But leave it up to our goto Berlin-based disco-making duo DUCKS! to release a new single that may just change your mood. “Hey You” is described to perfection on the outfit’s Bandcamp page, “Hey You” is an indie disco banger for the socially anxious. Repeated words are delivered with a voice that’s frayed around the edges, capturing a spiraling frame of mind. The track’s production pushes the mood further – detuned synths and the sound of a stolen language learning record magnify the mental push and pull of not wanting to let people down, while also not wanting to get off the couch. But Ducks! take these bad feelings and make you feel good about them – “Hey You” is filled with the kind of energy that could convince the introvert in you to get out of the house and onto the nearest dance floor.”

As you may have come to realize over the past few years, DUCKS! have a knack for taking twisty and weighty subject matters and adding a groove that always moves you. Both mentally and physically as it were. And “Hey You” doesn’t disappoint. So, get your favorite dancing socks on, move the coffee table and pump this psychedelic-layered banger up and shake off, if only temporarily, whatever is weighing on you…

DUCKS! Hey You

Band photo by Harriet Richardson // Quote via Bandcamp

Written, produced, and mixed by Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan
Lani: vocals, beats, keys
Craig: small synthesizer, Casio PT-1, records
Mastering by Fred Kinbom at Madame Vega’s Boudoir

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Hey you
the sun is setting,
and I’m letting you down again,
So unadventurous in the living room,
I see us spending the night
like we spent the afternoon.

I have had a breakdown
I have had a breakdown
Stay here

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