HEX billboard
21. September 2018 By Walter Price 0

PRO-CHOICE ROCK ANTHEM: HEX – “Billboard” (The Hill Temple LP)

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by Walter Price


I’ve never really considered what it would sound like if Opeth and L7’s sounds could merge into a dark witchy brew. That was until I got my ears on HEX’s recent single “Billboard”. A powerful song taking aim at political systems’ continued war on women’s freedoms. Although the band, Kiki Van Newtown and Jason Erskine, are directing their frustrations at their own New Zealand politicians, this message is certainly international.

“With our crowbars, we insist that free choice rules the womb…”

The Amber Beaton directed video for the single is reminiscent of a haunting B-movie as a group of ‘goth-brides’ take their weapons to a chauvinistic roadside billboard.  The pro-choice imagery is profound, important and worth a view or several.

“Billboard” is from ‘The Hill Temple’ album, out now.


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This video was made with loving support from NZ On Air

Producer and Director – Amber Beaton
1st Assistant – Melodie Rice
Set crew – Melodie Rice and Jason Erskine
Makeup – Renee McCarthy

Gem Wilder
Lucy Black
Kiki Van Newtown
Jason Erskine

Special thanks to Matt and Danny for the meadow!


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