23. December 2013 By Walter Price 0

Hellsingland Underground: The Christmas Q&A

It is no secret that The GTC contributors have enjoyed Hellsingland Underground very much in 2013. With their unbelievably grand jam-tastic folk rockin’ album “Evil Will Prevail” they have proven without a doubt that Charlie Granberg and crew (Mats Olsson, Peter Henriksson, Martin Karlsson, Henning Winnberg, & Patrik Jansson) are a band of grand musical righteousness. 

Although the band will not be recording a Christmas hits album anytime soon (or ever) we thought it a great idea to ask Charlie a few seasonal & festively appropriate questions. Here is our yuletide conversation…
As a child in Sweden, what was your favorite tradition?
-I guess I have to say Christmas. But I’ve always liked summer more than winter though.
What was the Christmas morning you remember the most and why?
-In Sweden, we usually don’t have the Christmas-stocking thing. So Christmas mornings were more of a high expectation thing than anything else. Looking forward to Christmas Eve. That’s when Santa would arrive.
Did you ever buy yourself a Christmas present?
If you could be Santa just for a special day, which gift would you carry in your bag?
-I would come with a new law that meant that people in power positions, everyone from small bosses, local politicians all the way up to the presidents and federal bank leaders would have to undergo a test to verify whether they had psychopath tendencies or not. Anyone with the slightest proof of a psychopathic mind would just hear the word -NEXT! before he was thrown out of the building for good.
Have you ever thought about writing a Christmas song?
-No. There are too many already.
What does the holiday mean to you now and do you still hold any of the fantasy or whimsical aspects for the season?
-I love all the coloured lights and stuff. It’s like getting a small portion of how life should be all year around but isn’t. People getting together and being kind to each other and stuff.
Charlie, Merry Christmas to you, your family and Hellsingland Underground!
-Merry Christmas to you too!
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