Hellsingland Underground
14. April 2015 By Walter Price 0

Hellsingland Underground Say Goodbye to Henning Winnberg

Hellsingland Underground

foto by Anki Rönnewald

by Walter Price


The ever expanding vastness of the Rock N’ Roll landscape is marked by band line-up changes, differences and seemingly tragic losses to a group’s sounds that at the times these eruption or disruptions happen fans go wild with concern, fear and anticipation. Will the sounds that caused you to fall in love, the cohessive bond a great band has formed in creativity that had you at note one and doesn’t seem like it would work if any of the players changed out.

If you’re a fan of Swedish authentic modern day classic rockers Hellsingland Underground than you may have read a loving, a bit gloomy and shocking statement that one of their brothers in music; a family member that provided an intricate part of what the band has been building up and soon to be furthering on a new album Henning Winnberg is leaving the band. Part of the band’s statement read, “Anyway. The news is that our Henning Winnbergkeyboard player Henning Winnberg is no longer a member of Hellsingland Underground. And I know this will sound corny, because all bands that lose a member are always trying to tell you this, but in this case it is actually true: We are still best friends. We just have different views on what it means to be in this band. That’s all. We respect his views to the fullest, and he respects ours. We wish him all the best in the future. As soon as we have a new keyboard player we will let you know.”

The history of rock has shown (for good or bad) that losing such an important member is heartbreaking and confusing to the band itself and fans alike but in some cases things work out for everyone. Dave Mustaine made it work after Metallica, AC/DC and Pink Floyd have had more changes than some remember but the Rock N’ Roll rolled on and whatever always was (is) going on with the Gallagher brothers they seem to land upright (wobbly but upright). But none of those examples matter as current changes in HU still shock.

We wish Henning Winnberg all the best and I’m pretty sure we haven’t the last of him. Now, Hellsingland Underground finish the new album so we the fans can have something to groove to…HU will prevail.


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