Hayley Ross
26. May 2020 By Walter Price 1

…meet me on the corner, SINGLE: HAYLEY ROSS – Come Back [+ remixes]

Hayley Ross – The Weight of Hope + Come Back Remixes EP available at Apple Music.

Hayley Ross

by Walter Price

With a brilliant mix of slow draw pop, bluesy retro Spector-esque sound, a little indie rock, and touches of the ethereal, Brighton’s Hayley Ross’ 13 track LP ‘The Weight of Hope’ is one of the most beautiful sets to be released this year. Every song, like a palpable vignette just waiting to soundtrack an integral moment.

Just imagine if many of the traits of Cowboy Junkies, Hope Sandoval, and Lana Del Rey collaborated on creating a whole new songwriter/performer. You’d get tracks like “Tumbledown”, “Go Slow”, and “Moving All Around”. Songs that move in different directions and all highlighting the diversity that is this record. And the calling card, if you will, is the single “Come Back”.

“Come Back” starts with that big wall-of-sound era thump as it rapidly morphs into a showcase of that powerfully vulnerable vocal style Ross is becoming famous for. A tone that’s a bit raw, sympathetic, and certainly éarnest as it tells the tale of a wildly addictive relationship.

I always wanted you,
More than I wanted to,
But when it comes to the heart and soul,
I never exercise damage control,

Come back, bring your loving with you

So meet me on the corner,
Bring what you remember, my sweetheart, my wild heart
It’s wilder still and wilder

And just as I’ve fallen deep for this album, a new remix EP for “Come Back” has dropped. Featuring various textured techno reworkings from the likes of N-JOI, Duncan Forbes, Geek BOY, Lost Raven, and Thomas Aston.

So much winning…and you can stream both must have releases below.


Artist photo by Ben Knight

The Weight Of Hope, mixed by John (Stone Roses) Leckie, and mastered at Abbey Road studios.

Come Back Remix EP features N-JOI, Geek BOY, Lost Raven, Thomas Aston, and Duncan Forbes.

Hayley Ross

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Hayley Ross lives by the sea in Brighton, grew up in Walton-on-Thames, has spent time in the Caribbean, and is right now renovating a fishing trawler to live on in Newhaven. Fascinated by water, as a child she dreamed of being a mermaid, and there’s a distinctive watery theme running through her debut album, The Weight Of Hope – notably on tracks like Barracuda and Lay Me Down. And tracing recurring themes is just one of the many pleasures of immersing yourself in this evocative, allusive work.” – bio

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