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DOUBLE XX WKND SPIN: HAWXX – “Love’s A Bitch” (single)

HAWXX – “Love’s A Bitch” is available @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


As winter and your frigid relationship fade and you’ve run through your old record collection filled with Heart, Anthrax, and Judas Priest classics time and again. You kinda wish there was something new to kick your weekend into gear. Something with bluesy undertones, metal power, and something with heavy AF guitar.

Never fear, HAWXX are here! A multicultural London based band of sisters using their rock mastery to bring some old school metal-tinged hard-rock back to the forefront. Their recent single, “Love’s A Bitch”, is as sultry as it is blistering. As the band explains it, “The track is about an all-or-nothing attitude to love and the fight to connect with those we love. The song’s verses display vulnerability, while the chaotic choruses declare power-play and passion.”

So, shake off the doldrums, and crank up HAWXX’ raucous new song and hold on tight, for that guitar solo is about to kick your ass.



Anna – Iman – Hannah – Jessica

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