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6. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

a bitter pill, a time to question, SINGLE: DEAD AGENTS – Hard To Burn

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dead agents hard to burn

by Walter Price

To blanket define ‘rock bottom’ is an impossible task. And when Birmingham-based rock-n-rollers Dead Agents wrote their recent single, “Hard To Burn”, I betcha they had other all-time-lows in mind than the current worldwide situation. A borderless crisis only made more problematic by world leaders who put ego ahead of solutions.

Cannot keep a secret
This is clear
The trickster takes a hold and the chaos reigns
To cure you of your fear
Couldn’t find an anchor
Drift away
A verbal remedy, a bitter pill, a time to question
What you think you know
You are the shadow and the shape of what’s to come
You are holding back from life that’s just begun

Sure, perhaps my sequestered mind is playing tricks on me, but I do superimpose zeitgeist meaning to these power-packed lyrics. Lines that were certainly meant to relate to something more personal, as vocalist David James-Foster explains, “Hard To Burn is a song about being burnt and torn down so many times that you can go no lower, having nothing left to lose, you become free to give everything you have to whatever you desire.”

Check out the video, soak in the lyrics and find your own understanding and then, slide this one into your rock n roll summertime playlist.

Be safe out there…


Band photo via Dead Agents

Writers: David James Foster, Adam Beddow, Geoff Fry, and Adam Furmage.
Recorded at VIGO Studios, Walsall, UK.

hard to burn

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Going down in flames
Hard to burn again
Going down in flames
Hard to burn again

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