Europe tour
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Your GTC Weekly Top 10 March 9 – 15 2015

Europe tour

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“A bunch of Scandinavian guys doing rock with a pinch of soul and blues, and doing it convincingly?” – Joey Tempest


Hey, Stephen Robinson and Luisa Black (Rich Girls) thanks for stopping by to chat with us about your music and other this and that’s. And an extra thanks goes to Luisa for sharing the killer Motels cover. Wow! Check it out here!

What a week indeed. We learned that the Gallagher bros are fine again, Soundcloud may be a German company but they are the pits, Livy Pear is an interesting artist, TOOL TOOL TOOL have one whole song complete and look to have more so we can have an album to hear sooner than later, look this Blurred Lines  lawsuit thing is ridiculous (FYI: the song is horrible but the lasting implications for the music world is scary stuff), and sadly we said goodbye to TOTO’s Mike Porcaro.

How was your week?

Thank You for coming over this past week to check out the best music by the coolest artist! Here is what was read the most this past week. Your GTC Weekly Top 10 March 9 – 15 1015!


  1. Review: Europe – ‘War Of Kings’
  2. Stephen Robinson “In My Arms”
  3. Review: Liberty Lies – ‘Fracture’
  4. Going Deep With Rich Girls Luisa Black
  5. GTC Has Track Picks
  6. The Naysayers – Our Lady Alacrity
  7. Don’t Feed The Trolls
  8. Review: Mothership ‘II’
  9. Dear Spotify (and other music services)
  10. Talkin’bout Pop Music Pt. 1


Top 3 Facebook Posts

  1. Fresh GTC Podcast for your ears only! Rich Girls
  2. Are you digging The Blank Tapes
  3. The GTC Has Track Picks from Heavz Tiger, Marvelous Mark, Lowland Hum, Tomato/tomato, Black Bananas!


Here you will find where all the cool GTC readers came from this past week:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. Sweden
  6. Italy
  7. Canada
  8. Ireland
  9. Brazil
  10. Spain

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