Howlin Lord
26. April 2015 By Walter Price 0

GTC SongStrassen: Howlin’ Lord

Howlin' Lordby Walter Price


The UK’s Howlin’ Lord swung a sturdy police riots van through Leipzig, Germany during a promo tour for the forthcoming album Hombre Solaire out later in the year via Little Paradise Records.

The alt-country / hard-folk outfit debuted an on the street version of a killer new track “Way Of The West” as well as a tune, “Funny Way Of Winning”, from the underated 2011 album Gold Fury

It was a real blast catching up with these guys in the streets of Leipzig. Check the performances out (as well as the album versions of the tracks) and prep for right on!


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“Way Of The West”

Album: Hombre Solaire

“Funny Way Of Winning”

Album Gold Fury