best rock songs
20. March 2016 By Walter Price 0

GTC Has Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition

best rock songs

by Maria Haskins


You wanted the best we got the best…

Tracks by Rival Sons, Monster Truck &  VDELLI!!

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Rival Sons reviewRIVAL SONS ‘Hollow Bones Pt. 1’

This is a brand new and really fantastic track from Rival Sons, taken from the band’s upcoming album ‘Hollow Bones’. It’s set for release June 10th, and it’s available for pre-order right now.

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Rival Sons Website / Facebook / Twitter


monster truck photoMONSTER TRUCK ‘For The Sun (Live In Studio)’

This is one of my favourite Monster Truck tunes, and it was one of the many highlights at the band’s gig in Vancouver on February 25th (read my gig-review). The band recorded this video live in studio for CBC Music, and while Monster Truck are fantastic no matter how, what, where, or why, hearing them live definitely adds an extra dimension to their tunes.


Monster Truck Website / Facebook / Twitter


vdelliVDELLI (album review)

I was quietly minding my own business this past weekend when I saw Leon Todd, guitarist in Perth-based rock-band Ragdoll, tweet a video by Vdelli, a band Ragdoll had just shared a stage with for a gig at Billabong Roadhouse.  Clicking through to YouTube, I was hit in the solar plexus by Vdelli’s track ‘Catatonic’, featuring some heavy-as-dinosaur-bones grooves, and a blues-rocking rumble that just about rolled me over.

After that, there was nothing I could do but check out Vdelli’s latest release, the 2015 album ‘Higher’.

Vdelli (taking its name from front-man and guitarist Michael Vdelli) started out in Perth, got a record contract with a German label Jazzhaus Records in 2010, have toured heavily in Europe, and have released five albums. The talent, experience, and hard work that’s gone into that kind of career comes through strong on ‘Higher’, with the band powering through some hefty blues-rock, some floor-shaking power-packed rock, as well as some softer semi-acoustic work. The guitar work is inventive and outstanding throughout, and Michael Vdelli’s voice has just the right amount of gravel and grit to get beneath your skin and stay there. Add some beautifully hefty bass and drums and you’ve got a winning recipe.

Favourite tracks, apart from the irresistible ‘Catatonic’, include the throbbing title track ‘Higher’ – “I can’t guarantee your safety but I’ll guarantee you’ll have the best time”; and the growling, purring ‘I Can’t Cover For You Forever’ – a tune that sinks its riffy hooks deep into you.

‘Dark And Lonely Place’ comes on with a gentler acoustic guitar and a more wistful vibe. I love how this track keeps the weight and darkness, but adds a glimmer of softness – making it a stunner of a track.

There’s some seductively laid-back guitar work on ‘High Hopes’ to go with Vdelli’s gritty vocals, while ‘Tell Me Tonight’ grips you with another lead-heavy groove, and a gruff and swaggering attitude in both the vocals and lyrics.

The final two tracks are also on my list of favourites: the wild and woolly rocker ‘The Only’, and the gritty and raw ‘Alive Again’ – “there’s no turning back this time” – with a riff that digs itself into your marrow.

‘Higher’ is a top notch release from an original and skilled band: if you like your rock and roll heavy and gritty and bluesy, it will be right up your dark alley.

Right now, Vdelli has one gig scheduled in Australia before heading to Europe for a string of gigs in Germany. Catch ‘em on the road, and get yourself a taste of ‘Higher’ anywhere you can.


  1. Don’t Know How I Got Here
  2. Catatonic
  3. Feline
  4. Higher
  5. I Can’t Cover For You Forever
  6. Dark And Lonely Place
  7. High Hopes
  8. Tell Me Tonight
  9. My Baby Does It Better
  10. The Only
  11. Alive Again


  • Michael Vdelli: guitar, vocal
  • Leigh Miller: bass, vocal
  • Hajo Schüler: drums, vocal


Vdelli Website / Facebook / Twitter