12. February 2017 By Walter Price 0

Gringo Pt. 1 – Down South and Summer Thing

Gringo share summer Cali-surf rock sounds with new single/video “Down South”. Gringo by Walter Price  

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Sitting in various rooms in this ancient house looking out of windows at the bleak, white  German scenery while being weighed down by the sounds of Wilco and The Smiths, I needed something…something to eradicate the dullness. Then like a warm glow from above, I remembered that I had an email with the words ‘California’, ‘surf’ and ‘laid back’ in it. Turns out that timely email was about the Northern California garage-surf-rock outfit Gringo and their new single “Down South” from the band’s forthcoming album The Shores. I immediately dug the intoxicating no-hurry vibe of the promoted single, but what I discovered was a previous EP Gringo released last summer. And subsequently, I found my new favorite ‘summer is anytime’ song. A song that further cleared all my winter blahs, the track is called “Summer Thing”. Finding itself someplace between the trippy psych side of what Matt Adams can blissfully wander into and the retro surf-pop directions Eoin Dolan is becoming famous for, “Summer Thing” reaches timeless status from first listen. Added doo-wop elements and that rhythm pulling the guitar into the tranquility all work in uncontrived beauty. Two tracks into Gringo and I’m hooked. I’m afraid I’ve meandered.  

to be continued…

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