2. November 2014 By Walter Price 0

Greylag – ‘Yours To Shake’

Yours to Shake was one of those surprise sleepers on the album. When we went into the studio, we weren’t even convinced it would end up on the album. Something was missing in the arrangement and it was making it difficult to see the song as a whole. We just kept avoiding it. Then we were in the studio, jamming on the song during some kind of random equipment check and all of the sudden the chorus just snapped together. Almost all the musical parts changed. With the new-sounding chorus in place the rest of the song finally made sense, and became one of the stronger tracks on the record. It’s funny Greylagwhat a thin line divides a successful song from one that will be quickly forgotten.- Greylag
Featured Artist: Greylag Daniel Dixon, Andrew Stonestreet,Brady Swan   Hey, are you ready for a new favorite band…I have the feeling that when bands like Hellsingland Underground, Beirut or Band of Horses set out making their music expanding on and experimenting with the foundations of the best efforts from Gram Parsons lifted styles of the Eagles or the Allman Brothers they knew what they were doing. There is a comfort thing about travelling down these paths set up long ago, making Rock N’ Roll echo the surroundings and histories of the talents making them. It causes the listener to feel close to the sounds. Familiarity yet new, earthy without twisting folk based country rock into hipster blah blah blahs and digging deep for storylines without getting weird for weird sakes. Greylag provides us with sounds rich in history, elements of the Portland breezes calmly whispering through the vocals, vocals working with and not against the soundtracks they move with. Recognizing they belong together is and always has been a brilliant trait. If you want to say that what Greylag is doing isn’t new, fine. Take into account that what Greylag is doing is making atmosphere present personal and from the soul Rock N’ Roll. It’s been done this way before but not often this well. This is headphones music. The sounds of the room the tracks were created, the fingers across the strings are possibly as much of the story as the vignettes themselves. There is nothing forced or misleading on this album. Greylag is a comfortable album that may prove that these dudes are a band with a long future ahead of them. A future that will one day inspire new aspiring Rock N’ Rollers, just like the names of historic heroes of take it easy Rock N’ Roll before them. So yes, just as I do, you will Dig It. For example, take the band’s ‘Yours to Shake’ for a spin and you’ll be convinced. –Walter Price Greylag: Facebook / iTunes / Twitter