Mrs. Greenbird one day in june
23. June 2018 By Walter Price 0

Your Summer Sounds Like: Mrs. Greenbird – “One Day In June” (single)

Mrs. Greenbird are available on iTunes.

Mrs. Greenbird

by Walter Price


Some years ago, I spent the day with a ‘true love’ and a few other life-long friends. We started out early in the day, swimming uninvited in a neighbor’s pool, drove around with the windows down in an old sedan, smoked cigarettes, laughed, argued and cried all in the span of 14 hours that hot Texas summer day. In the end, we stood in the parking lot of the pancake house and made plans to meet every eight years on that very date, a family-ish reunion. Promises.

Rapidly, time moved along and that promise was lost. But the memory of that day lingers and shines every new summer season. German folk-pop duo Mrs. Greenbiird have a new single, “One Day In June” that resonates with this hallowed recollection. The beauty in the harmonies of Sarah Nücken and Steffen Brückner are as mesmerizing as the blooming of crepe myrtles each year.

The scents, sunshine, experiences, and friendships that grow (and sometimes lost) during the freedoms and tendernesses of summer are everlasting and this track has it all bottled. Remembering never sounded so good…



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