Goodnight Sunrise
12. December 2022 By Walter Price 0


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Goodnight Sunrise

by Walter Price

“I’ll just be flying solo, I won’t be lonely/ Don’t need to wake up early, I’ll just get up slowly/ You’ll find me by the fire, movies on my couch all day/ Cross me off your list because this Christmas I’ll be single all the way…” Sad, empowering, or simply content, you’ll come to your own conclusion by the time this verse grabs ya in the midst of all the Holiday Season merriment swirling around you.

The lyrics are taken from the story-heavy pop-punk single, “Single All the Way”, by Toronto duo Goodnight Sunrise. A track vocalist Vanessa Vakharia reminisces about in a quote sent to the GTC, “We wanted to do something unique with it though, and not just make another “Christmas song.” We decided to go full pop-punk, with just a hint of holiday in the sleigh bells as percussion and some light festive-sounding samples. We did go all out for the end of the bridge with a doorbell and the sound of a plane taking off when we reference the classic rom-com Love Actually. Ultimately, we wanted to make something fun and a bit different for this season, and along the way it turned out to be one of our best songs yet – a holiday miracle!”

Holiday miracle indeed, finding your comfort zone, alone during the time of year when it’s nearly impossible, for some, to find solace…Well, folks, here it is! Shelve last year’s memories, pour yourself a stiff one, and stream this crunchy soon-to-be rock n roll Christmas classic, here at the GTC!


Album artwork by Tiago Palma // Quotes, band photo, and artwork courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Produced & Mixed by Brian Moncarz
Written by Vanessa Vakharia, David Kochberg
Performed by Vanessa Vakharia & David Kochberg
Drums by Chris Dimas
Mastered by João Carvalho
Artwork by Tiago Palma

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“Goodnight Sunrise is a rock band from Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2011 by Vanessa Vakharia (keytar, vocals) and David Kochberg (guitar, vocals) through a shared love of pop hooks and the raw power of classic rock, they’ve taken their explosive live show to over 300 audiences across Canada, US, and Europe, opening up for Bon Jovi, Big Wreck and The Sheepdogs along the way. Their explosive 3rd full-length album Against All Odds was released on Oct. 7th 2022.” – bio

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