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21. June 2019 By Walter Price 0

The way the story goes, WKND SPIN: MATT YORK – “Going Crazy” (Bruisable Heart LP)

Matt York – “Going Crazy” & Bruisable Heart LP sneak peek @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

Massachusetts singer-songwriter Matt York is one of those storytellers that will spell realities out in heartbreaking beauty. And his forthcoming album, ‘Bruisable Heart’, a collection of ‘sad songs’, is no different. Addiction, love, loss, and yearning for change. York, no stranger to recovery himself, has already released a set addressing alcoholism and this new album continues his quest for telling tales of harsh truths resulting from dependence, no matter how daunting they may seem. Some are personal, while many tracks are gleaned from stories he’s been told by people going through their own journeys.

The song “Going Crazy” is a wits-end conversation, wanting picture perfect, isn’t all that easy. Seeing what could be, yet, for whatever dismal roadblocks you’ve constructed, seems damn near unattainable. And coming to the realization that you’re the problem can cause temporary insanity. Where did it go wrong…where do I start….repeat.

York is a GTC fave, for many reasons really. Foremost, listening to his life over the years via his music has proven that this man is as earnest an artist/storyteller (and damn good guitar picker) as they come. And for my money, that’s a top quality in this world of ever-increasing plasticine music.

Take “Going Crazy” for a spin and add it to your weekend(summer playlists. We have… the GTC WKND SPIN.


“Bruisable Heart, I have absolutely no idea what kind of music it is. I perform the vast majority of gigs as a solo acoustic act. There are a few tracks on here that are very stripped down and there are others that essentially rock n roll songs. My heroes are not just the Springsteens and Dylans of the songwriting world, but also Townes, Willie, Steve Earle, and Billy Joe Shaver. People that have seen me perform live, would likely tell you that I sound more country and more twangy in that environment than on this album. I’d agree with that. Ultimately though, these are sad songs with a lot of minor chords, seventh chords, and dissonance.

“I’ve received some good press for my previous albums and I’m very grateful for that. This album is the one I’ve been trying to make all along though. It was recorded in a basement studio in Jamaica Plain. It was produced and engineered by the excellent Thomas Wenzl. It was the most hands-on I’ve been recording and making a record.

“Townes Van Zandt was once asked why all his songs were so sad and he replied, “they aren’t all sad, some of them are about hopelessness”. There’s a lot of that here but there are also glimmers of hope and love mixed in.

“I hope you’ll take a listen.” – Matt York

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