Ghost Light Take Some Time
20. August 2022 By Walter Price 0

…hear me out, GHOST LIGHT Take Some Time

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Ghost Light Take Some Time

by Walter Price

What if Soccer Mommy and Heart were a prog outfit replete with otherworldly keys in the mix…Perhaps this far-out scenario would sound like the recent single “Take Some Time” from Philadelphia outfit Ghost Light.

A meticulously constructed rock n roll track explained by the band’s Tom Hamilton, “The story is less the fallout as it is the recovery, Sticking with it. Staying the course in the face of adversity, uncomfortable conversations or situations. The path to health and healing is often not the path of least resistance but the path of perseverance and doing the work.”

Clearly, there’s nothing wrong with the plethora of bedroom-produced rock and pop that flourished during the last couple of years. Still, when you get your ears on a single that’s as weighty and conscience as “Take Some Time”, you can feel the achievement of a group of brilliant musicians and songwriters at their best—crafting tactile songs that encourage you to experience something more than a fleeting moment. Highlighted by Raina Mullen’s powerfully airy vocals and the band’s indelible groove, this song is undeniable.

“Take Some Time” is from the forthcoming album “The Healing”, expected on October 22. You stream the single, now at the GTC.

GHOST LIGHT Take Some Time

Band photo by David Veltri // Quote courtesy of Big Hassle Media

Scotty Zwang
Raina Mullen
Tom Hamilton
Holly Bowling

VIDEO: Directed by Joe Lee and Christian Strevy
Shot by Christian Strevy, Edited by Joe Lee
Colored by Christian Strevy

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