29. October 2013 By Walter Price 2

Get To Know Your GTC Contributors: Alle Royale

Alle (Not His Real Name) Royale

By Walter Price

I have known ‘Alle Royale‘ for a good number of years now and I still know as much or little as anyone. Which isn’t all that much.

I do know he is one of the most knowledgeable people of Rock N’ Roll that I’ve had the pleasure of running across. Which has kept us in almost constant correspondence of the years.

When we decided to start this music blog/website or what have you, the first person that came to mind to give us a hand was the good ole Professor of Rock, Alle Royale. 

Sure, he sometimes thinks it’s still somewhere between 1972 and 1988 but that is part of his musical powers that can’t and shouldn’t be tampered with.
Here is our Q&A with Alle Royale…

Where are you from and Alle Royale is your real name?
I was born in Venice, Italy … and Alle Royale is not my real name.

What was the first album you received as a gift and the one what did you changed life?
I have no recollection of receiving any album as a gift in tender age, since I started buying my first records with my own money when I was a little kid … they were Beatles’ 7 inches … an Italian series with all the most famous songs, the album did changed my life was “Somewhere In Time” by Iron Maiden, it was 1986, I was 13 and did haunted me forever, I even start playing guitar after that … I would chose Iron Maiden anything above else in my life, that’s one faith.

Besides Engelbert Humperdinck and Captain & Tennille who were the most important acts from the 70’s?
I would like to say did every act from the seventies, and even more from the sixties, is important … if I had to chose some I would name the obvious ones … Zeppelin, Purple, Sabbath, Abba … but , for me, the very best bands of the era are Thin Lizzy and UFO.

Is it true did you keep a box of sausages and meatball were hidden behind the vacuum no one wants to find them?
Unfortunately, that’s the first place my wife would find them, so they ‘are hidden in a Radiohead boxset no one in my house would dare to check for listening.

How many vinyl albums do you own and what is the cheesiest one?
Vinyl records, CDs, makes no difference to me until I can find them for a cheaper price … I have tons, and when I say tons, I mean tons … I would pass half my day in record store, if possible, and the other half listening to them, playing air guitar and jumping around my apartment.

Cheesiest one? Rick Springfield’s best of, probably … I could not live without it!

You do a lot of music writing, would you say the pay is good?
Let me say that…if you want any money, forget music, in any possible form.

What do you think will happen to Rock N ‘Roll if Justin Beiber toilet explodes in a fiery accident? And / or What is the future of Rock?
I wish Justin Bieber to flush himself down the toilet, that’s the rock star  death he deserves … and the future of rock is his present and his past … the future of rock is you, reading lines these lines from a blog made with passion for music.