game the system
10. December 2021 By Walter Price 0

So check it out, CATNYP Game the System

CATNYP – Game the System is availaböe at Bandcamp, Apple Music, Spotify.

Game the System

by Walter Price

The latest single, “Game the System”, from Missoula’s CATNYP (Henderson K Shatner) is going to take ya back a bit. Its groove, choppy near-spoken words vocals, and weighty lyrics may just remind of classic tracks from Murray Head, MC 900 Ft. Jesus, and Beck.

But, let’s lay all the rage in reviews comparisons aside for a bit. There’s a message here and it’s buried as deep into the zeitgeist as they come. Shatner points a sharp finger at the mindnumbing effects that social media is having on shaping minds. In a quote provided to the GTC, HKS explains, “What you hear, here, seeks to mirror the infinite and inane series of images that flash by in seconds when scrolling through social media. In this world, it seems like an attractive woman’s exposed midriff in a selfie trumps the observations and reflections of poet laureates and their ilk every time, rendering the entire idea of having an opinion without a voice relevant and at the same time completely nonsensical.”

I have a nice chair in which I dare to compare
Trap and snare and life unfair
Katrina took a selfie showed her was outie was an innie
Now she’s influencing them all more than the Oracle at Delphi
Her voice like thunder’s bellowing shout
When you’re six feet under
Every which way is out
That’s right
So check it out.

Game the system, baby

“Game the System” is a total trip, a psych journey from a calculated and profound songwriter with enough wink-and-a-smile to keep your stress levels in check as his heavy subject matters soak in.

But wait, there’s more. This single has a music video that must’ve taken a helluva long time to edit. Resembling what a ton of lockdown music videos have come to be, this one has 3 distinct characters. Obviously, CATNYP’s Shatner is there front and center dropping verses, but who are his bandmates? The jazzy lounge-looking drummer and a bouncy post-punk-styled bass player laying down her groove. It’s quite the mystery we have on our hands here. Or, is it…

Anyhoo, before you go and get hypnotized by all that digital connectivity, you can stream CATYP’s brilliant “Game the System” and see the captivating music video, here at Global Texan Chronicles.

CATNYP Game the System

Artist photo/quote courtesy of Public Display PR

Written by Henderson K Shatner

Drums, Guitar, Vocals – HKS
Bass – Natalie Shatner

Music Video: No credits listed

game the system

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It was scary staring at a blank screen with a cup of coffee, trying to write lyrics to so many instrumentals in such a short amount of time. It definitely gave the album a certain cohesiveness that might not be there if everything had been written and recorded in a more typically organic manner. It also allowed for some fearless experimentation in vocal styles.” – Henderson K Shatner

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