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17. May 2019 By Walter Price 0

GTC VIDEO DEBUT: BILLY MOMO (feat. The Cold Kids Crew) – “Frozen City”

BILLY MOMO (feat. The Cold Kids Crew) – “Frozen City” video premiere.

Frozen City / Roots & Vision

by Walter Price


They’re back…and with new visions. 

Relentless winter stretches can reveal the darkness of even the strongest of wills. And if you survive in places where the climate is harsher than most, you can practically disappear within yourself, in plain sight. And one of many questions must be considered, “Why are you still here?”… In a serenade to their home base Stockholm Sweden, roots outfit Billy Momo’s new single, “Frozen City”, goes deep into the psyche of the residents who stay and endure.

The subsequent video, produced by the band themselves and featuring the undeniable (and haunting) talents of The Cold Kids Crew, is perhaps poignantly darker than what we’ve come to expect, but BM’s mastery of song structure and harmonies are as stout as ever. And as you’ll hear, Incorporating the younger voices adds a chilling layer to this stunning comeback single.

“Frozen City” is from the forthcoming album ‘Roots & Vision’, expected  31.May.2019.



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The Cold Kids Crew are Edith, Noah, Salina, Nora, Lovisa, Ester.

Track recorded at The Creak Studio

Mixed by Maksymilian Biernacki


frozen city / roots & vision

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