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Frontier Ruckus Our Flowers Are Still Burning VIDEO

Frontier Ruckus Enter The Kingdon Out 17 February 2017.

Frontier Ruckus

by Walter Price


Over their releases, videos, and tours Frontier Ruckus have become well known for their warmth and tactile nature of their sound and tales. Their new single (and video), “Our Flowers Are Still Burning”, finds the band moving in familiar tones of not broken, steady the course. I witness the track as the naivety of hope while not destroying future outcomes. But as with a good portion of Frontier Ruckus’s catalog, the listener’s interpretations are personal.

The band’s new album Enter The Kingdom drops 17 February 2017.


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Matthew Milia – David Jones – Zachary Nichols – Anna Burch

Filmed & Edited by Joe Angelini

Matt Cote, Rachel Dunkel, Natalie Gersabeck, Holly Johnson, Noah Morrison, Paul Schreiber, Mark Sleeman, Vittorio Vettraino, Sara Yufa

Song by Matthew Milia (Milia Songs, BMI)

Featuring Ken Coomer (drums), Connor Dodson (bass), Kristen Weber (violin), Austin Hoke (cello)

FIlmed in Detroit, Michigan. Special thanks to Rachel and Sara.

In the sunken silhouette
Of your drunken pillow wet
From the teardrops that your sweet eyes
Are now churning

In the early morning light
On the curly fry you bite
That’s left behind by deadbeats

When the party is through
And the people you knew
Have all dissolved to day jobs
That they’re spurning

If I fail in the end
Just to find me a friend
Beneath each flaming wreath
I’ve been upturning

I am soaking from the sun
I am joking with someone
I am hoping that our flowers are still burning

In the speckled melanin
That has freckled up your skin
A vivid new infinity I’m learning

In the markings of the rain
In a sparkling pattern plain
Bursting a refrain of hot returning

There’s a flame on your tongue
And a name still so unsung
Among the shitty wages that we’re earning

If our flowers appear
Still ablaze in a year
I won’t fear that the poverty’s concerning

I am soaking from the sun
I am joking with someone
I am hoping that our flowers are still burning



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