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25. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

Fraudband Special Time

fraudband musicby Walter Price   The magical internet has landed me on a video “Special Time” from Australian duo Fraudband….Interestingly monikered.  A pair who are delighting in their fusing of 1960’s rock that twisted the blues into new levels of hell yeah groove and helped start the metal revolution (ever listen to The Byrds and Sabbath back to back) with tricked out country and heavy technical riffs melding into a new concoction of cool. The clip is a straight forward and perfectly matched aesthetically. Finding the twosome in a desolate train yard bare-boned like their sounds thrive. Here is what the band had to tell me about the ‘Jules Dazzle’ video, “It was shot in a few hours one 35 degree centigrade day in a functioning rail-yard just outside of Melbourne, with train drivers waving at us as the drove by! We tried to capture the sense of fun and movement that is expressed in the music, kind’ve like what the song’s title suggests really” Check out the video and then order the EP Some Things (Kasumuen Records) on hard copy vinyl or CD HERE   Fraudband.Facebook / Bandcamp