Franki9e Lee American Dreamer
1. October 2015 By Walter Price 1

Frankie Lee American Dreamer

Franki9e Lee American Dreamerby Walter Price


There is so much truth in the sounds and lyrics coming from Frankie Lee’s debut album American Dreamer it resonates pure working man blues country and the grit of been there wallowed around in it. With mixed Haggard swagger and Flying Burrito Brothers take it easy story telling it is hard to understand why this fella isn’t on the tongue of every music purest. Soon.

The lyrics linger in late-night smoky backroom atmospheres mingling and substantiating the tactile realness of this multi-instrumented songwriter’s travels. I mainly mean a heavy dose of his varied mental states that are showcased on every track mixed with his life’s experiences you see. This album stands toe to toe with historic honest music from the greats in authentic country, rock and the blues the memorable albums. The ones without straight forward themes, the ones that showcased the creator’s wandering realities and stayed away from certain ‘maybe I should have a theme about this all’ forsaking the truths. People don’t normally live in themes. Usually. Vibes.

The addictive highlights are many on American Dreamer (Out October 2 via Loose Music), no lollygagging, pick it up and dig your jagged soul into “Honest Man”,  “Black Dog”, “Know By Now” and the song that kicks the ever lovin’ bejesus out of your drink stained senses, “Where Do We Belong”….Classic.



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