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NEW SOUNDS: Flour Flour – “Become Animal” (Single + Video)

Flour Flour are available on iTunes.

flour flour

by Walter Price

Soak up what is about to be said. What if there were a band with a song that had whimsical thoughts of a post-Lincoln They Might Be Giants, hints of.Dawes and a smidge of Ween in a near bubblegum pop package. I know, it sounds like sonic chaos. Fear not, Berkeley’s Flour Flour (Brian Baughn and Philip Wright) have the power to make it happen with their new single “Become Animal”.

Sure, it may be difficult to describe all that’s going on in this dazzling track’s construction. It may also be a small task to break down the song’s original angle on the subject matter. Luckily it has been explained like this, “Become Animal, began when Brian Baughn was looking at his cat. Stirred to explore how animals see the world, Baughn began to imagine a parallel between the process of growing up and the sci-fi concept of transforming into an animal: when you embrace your own voice as a teenager, you aren’t really becoming a vicious animal, you’re beginning to trust your instincts.”

I get it. And such a natural human transition has never been explored or envisioned quite like the way Flour Flour has brilliantly done. “Become Animal” is a true romp, absolutely addictive. I swear I want to scream, “Pump up this jam.”


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