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4. May 2018 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Words: Father John Misty on understanding why evangelicals supported Trump

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father john misty



“Over the past 20 years, we’ve thought of conservatives as being these Buckleyite, moralistic, financially austere people who believe in dignity and free speech. With Donald Trump, we’ve seen none of them really give a shit about all of that. They’re applauding him dumping a trillion ghost bucks into the economy and expanding the military and cutting taxes for the wealthiest. He is clearly not a Christian. What it shows is that the center of their worldview is a culture of resentment. That’s the humming dynamo at the center of all of it.

“What a crazy coincidence that the teaching of Christ sees to be so compatible with late-era capitalism, suburban isolation, rampant consumerism. And so I am not ever surprised when I see evangelicals contort themselves to justify supporting Donald Trump. There is so much animosity for Hillary Clinton in that world that people like my parents voted for Donald Trump.”




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(Quote comes from the Andy Greene interview for Rolling Stone)



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