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22. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Everyday Static VIDEO: SPLIT SCREENS – “From the Start” [stop-motion by Jesse Cafiero]

Split Screens – Everyday Static is available @ Bandcamp.

Everyday Static

by Walter Price

Pine Plains, NY sounds like an ideal setting for a television show exploring the unexplained. Populated by a small eclectic array of folks that have endless tales they don’t tell. Although that sounds a bit fanciful, the community is the hometown of San Fransisco based multi-faceted psych-folk artist Jesse Cafiero and his music project Split Screens. And his work could be described as the soundtrack for such a curious place.

From his latest EP, ‘Everyday Static’, his new single “From the Start” is yet another deep thought that’ll keep surprising you as you find new meaning with each listen. The video, stop-motion animated by Cafiero, is a visual journey through celestial, nature, modern and mystical landscapes. “Hand-animated and shot frame by frame using over a hundred vintage paper cutouts from the 1950s and ’60s”. Culminating in a truly awe-inspiring work of art.

Cafiero explains, “For me, my creative decisions making the video had no choice but to act on instinct as opposed to having all the options and adjustments at my disposal. It’s hard work but the payoff of having everything come together is why I keep animating.”

Check out the meticulous film for “From The Start” and stream the new EP below. Oh, and, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any peculiar goings-on in Pine Plains…none that have been reported, that is


Song written, directed and animated by Jesse Cafiero

Jesse Cafiero: Vocals, Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Organ
Phil Pristia: Electric Guitar (tracks 3-6)
Geneva Harrison [Bells Atlas]: Vibraphone (tracks 1, 3 and 6), Percussion
Rory O’Connor [Tycho]: Drums, Percussion

Produced and Engineered by Jeremy Black
Coyote Hearing Studios, Oakland, CA

Mastered by Brian Lucey
Magic Garden Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

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