Elle Casazza
25. September 2020 By Walter Price 0

…choosing to live, ELLE CASAZZA & the PROPHECY BOYS

Elle Casazza and the Prophecy Boys the album is available at Apple Music, Bandcamp.

Elle Casazza

by Walter Price

There’s a bit of confusion when one reads the blurb at the bottom of Elle Casazza and the Prophecy Boys’ Bandcamp page for their self-titled LP. It says, “Elle Casazza’s final album will take you on a magical journey”. Its the word “final” that prompts concern. As I have just discovered this outfit’s funk and soul flavored pop. A brilliant concoction of stunning lyricism and masterful musicianship, this album is 8 cinematic tracks that will move you both emotionally and psychically.

And another quote that’s slightly baffling, taken from the artist’s Facebook page, it states, “Elle Casazza is many things, but she isn’t “retro.” Sure her music evokes a bygone era, when jazz and soul reigned supreme; granted, her voice commands attention in a way few contemporary singers can claim. But “retro” implies she’s cashing in on a trend, and one listen to her new album “Proof” [2016] proves that Elle Casazza is nothing if not authentic.”

Okay, but you’d be remised not to notice and then subsequently celebrate the connective tissue to the sounds and post-disco vibes of Chaka Kahn, Irene Cara, Donna Summer, and plenty of The Doobie Brothers groove throughout this new near-perfect album. But I get it, being pigeonholed isn’t something most artists of this caliber want to fall prey to. But Casazza and her amazing backing band need not worry about such things. What they’ve crafted on this stunning release is a standalone masterstroke. Which intertwines jazz, soul, funk, and pop flawlessly.

And while this album has a story to tell and should be heard from top to bottom, its the final track that could be this set’s calling card. “Complete” is a sprawling and chaptered song that, on the surface, could be interpreted as a funky heartfelt relationship gone bad and moving-on song of self-empowerment. But if you consider that this album has been declared as a “final” offering…is this song actually bidding adieu to this songwriter’s music career? Let’s hope not…


Artist photo by  Dorey Kronick Art & Design

Elle Casazza and the Prophecy Boys
Elle Casazza – Vocals
Julian Chin – Keys
Andrew Green – Drums & Percussion
Jon Gould – Guitar
Ben McFadden – Bass & Synth
Kyle Madsen – Flute & Saxophone

Recorded at Flashpoint
Mixed & Mastered by Dan Silberman at Ridgeway Recording
Album Art by Emma Rand

Elle Casazza

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I’m done
yes I’m done
I lived through the lies you spun
The war is won
I’m done

You couldn’t see past your selfish goal
You couldn’t live with just one soul
You couldn’t see you couldn’t live
No you

I love my life and I know my truth
I live fully despite my youth
I choose to love, oh i choose to live

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