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EELS The Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett

Out 22 April 2014

By Walter Price 

Ever since my ears found the albums Beautiful Freaks (’96), ElectroShock Blues (’98) and the best of the best of the era Daises Of The Galaxy (’00) I’ve been hooked on Mark Oliver Everett’s EELS.
I had many a feud with my Brooklyn neighbors over my constant weekend blasting of E’s Daises Of The Galaxy backed with a good dose of Old 97’s Too Far To Care. Try them together and you’ll see what I mean, these albums are stylistically different but belong with one another.
Anyway, over the years E has been prolific in his releases studio, Live and comps with varying degrees of fan acceptance as is the case in most artist careers. Right. Now, here comes a new one on 22 April called The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett and just the title suggests we’re about to get really deep into it, AGAIN! And if the new single w/video “Mistakes of My Youth” (below) provides any insight into the full deal then we are certainly in for another low-key and high on sometimes painful introspective collection from the man behind the sounds.
Critics are already all over it with hip hip hoorarys and attaboys and what have yous. I will have a listen when I can and see if I can join in on the good time hoopla. I just have a feeling the album will try to break the listener down. We shall see. Until we all know for sure check out the video and coming tour dates….
June 2014
1          New York, NY
3          Detroit, MI      
4          Madison, WI   
7          Seattle, WA    
8          Portland, OR  
9          Seattle, WA    
10        San Francisco, CA    
11        Los Angeles, CA        
15        Oxford, UK    
16        Manchester, UK         
17        Glasgow, UK  
18        Cambridge, UK          
19        Bexhill, UK     
21        Linz, Austria   
22        Vienna, Austria           
24        Berlin, Germany        
25        Amsterdam, Holland  
27        Rottendam, Holland
28        Eindhoven, Holland   

30        London, UK
1          Dublin, Ireland
4          Werchter, Belgium
5          Groningen, Holland    
6          Montreux, Switzerland           
7          Zurich, Switzerland    
8          Luxembourg   
10        Paris
11        Toulouse, France
12        Barcelona, Spain       
14        Madrid, Spain             
17        Florence, Italy
18        Milan, Italy
20        Antwerp, Belgium      
21        Antwerp, Belgium      
22        Hamburg, Germany

Full Tour Dates & Info here!  

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