Dyr Faser Karmic Revenge
25. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

…ghastly vicious, DYR FASER Karmic Revenge

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Dyr Faser Karmic Revenge

by Walter Price

Are you a fan of the swirling razzle dazzle of garage and bedroom pop? Perhaps you’re a devotee of folksy multi-part harmonies? Well, friend, I’ll have to ask you to move along—For Dyr Faser’s latest LP ‘Karmic Revenge’ is a cascading and discombobulated set of experimental pop and rock songs that’ll tweak the senses and perhaps disturb a passerby or two as well. But what else would you expect from the Massachusetts duo of Amelia May and Eric Boomhower?

Dyr Faser is a uniquely difficult rock n roll band to review, they’ve always been more of an experience worth taking rather than a bunch of subjective conjecture. So I’d ask you die-hard fans of dark, subversive, far-out, and distorted rock n roll (w/ a flute and stylophone here and there), then I’d say take this 10-track set for a long ride. But if you’re confined by your TikTok-intoxicated time restraints, may I suggest getting acclimated with tracks “Dead on the Vine”, “Symbolized”, “Suns of Unseen Revival” and my fave, “Ghastly Vicious Acts”.

You can tear your clothes off and stream the nonconformist ‘Karmic Revenge’ LP in full, here at the GTC.

DYR FASER Karmic Revenge

Band photo via Facebook // Quote via Bandcamp

All songs written & recorded by Eric Boomhower & Amelia May
Produced by Eric Boomhower
Album art drawn by Amelia May

Eric Boomhower – vocals, guitar, drums, stylophone
Amelia May – vocals, guitar, flute, bow guitar

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Your favorite eclectic Electro Rawk duo from Boston is back barely 6 months out from Phantom Electric (Released in November 2022, reviewed by us here) with Karmic Revenge, an astounding step forward in the ongoing evolution of Dyr Faser.” – Bandcamp

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