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THE DUST CODA Have BLONDIE Call Me, covered

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Dust Coda

by Walter Price

Ah, yeah, that sweet spot when post-disco was just about to turn into the hallowed post-punk era. When just about anything could be done with nary a head scratch. And a time when famed dancefloor hitmaker Giorgio Moroder called up Stevie Nicks to write a song for a movie soundtrack. She said, “No”. So he then made a decision that would change pop music forever by making a second call to a little-known lower Manhattan rocker named Debbie Harry to pen what would turn out to be her burgeoning Blondie’s signature song, you know it very well as, “Call Me“.

This is now, and the internet has been crackling with the sounds of a smashing redux of the classic tale of a working girl. When many have tried their hands at covering this track to varying degrees of success, the new one from UK rockers The Dust Coda smashes it out of the park! Not too surprising for longtime fans, but will this cover be the catalyst for converting new diehards? Yeah, of course, it will.

A brilliant cover of a seminal lusty pop song may have been enough for most, but not for TDC. Nah, they had to go and enlist Lewis Cater to direct a killer rooftop/in-the-streets music video as well. The film, replete with red phone/call box, has been tearing up YouTube with nearly 500+ new views per hour during the last 24 hours since its release. A serious success in any form of accounting.

What a result for a song that’s 40 years old and has meant so much to so many. The Dust Coda’s respect for the original is evident and you can witness it for yourself by streaming it and watching the video, here, at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook

Adam Mackie
John Drake
Scott Miller
Tony Ho

Video directed by Lewis Cater


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We’ve been keeping this up our sleeves and are thrilled to finally reveal to you our cover of Blondie’s incredible song ‘Call Me’! It was so great having some of you appear with us in this video – we hope you enjoy the outcome! Please take it as a big ‘thank you!’ for giving us our first UK Top 30 album this year with Mojo Skyline!” – The Dust Coda (Facebook post, Sept 8, 2021)

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