dooms virginia
25. November 2016 By Walter Price 0

Dooms Virginia Blast Rock N Roll Lightning

Dooms Virginia are rock n roll lightning.

dooms virginia

by Walter Price


San Francisco’s Dooms Virginia (formerly known as Annie Girl and The Flight) has emerged in a blazing thunderclap of raw garage psych-rock with the singles “Devour” and “Forgetful Sam”. I’ve been blown away by the reality in these two track’s lyrics and the that sonic energy this band creates to urge those messages is so undeniable.

Dooms Virginia’s inception is just as fascinating, if not ‘dreamy’, as I found on the band’s website, “Dooms Virginia was born in dreams. For years, bandleader Annie Lipetz had been fascinated with the story of Roy Sullivan, who had been struck by lightning more in his lifetime than any other human being. One night, Roy came to Annie in a dream and told her he had discovered the source of lightning’s attraction to him was in fact a strange and powerful energy. He put this power into a totem and offered it to Annie, and a new voice emerged and songs came pouring out. In exchange, she promised to pay tribute to him by changing the name of her band to the town where he laid to rest.”

Enough said…


Dooms Virginia:  website  /  bandcamp  /  facebook

Annie Lipetz – Vocals/Guitar
Josh Pollock – Guitar
Mark Nelsen – Bass
Sonny Pearce – Drums


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