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19. August 2017 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why the Rock ‘N’ Roll of Doll Skin

Doll Skin can be found on iTunes. doll skin by Walter Price   If memory serves me correctly, one of the last Van’s Warped Tour I covered for a mega American network before moving to Europe featured Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold. The reason this particular tour stop at New York’s Randall’s Island was not just the two previously mentioned bands, but it was a day that it dawned on me that a new era of rock n’ roll that melded thrash, post-punk, and pop was upon us. For better or worse. This is now and for the better, there is a band I recently found out about (via our friends @ Real Rock And Roll) from Phoenix, Arizona that exemplifies today, that era isn’t over. Better yet, this era is alive and kickin’ all the rules in the nads. The band in question is Doll Skin (Sydney Dolezal, Alex Snowden, Nicole Rich, Meghan Herring) and their brand of multi-faceted garage-punk is as fresh as anything their contemporaries Paramore, Brand New, Heavy Tiger or the like are doing and/or have done. Classic rock, thrash, and pop riffs intermingling in righteous harmony. doll skin Two albums deep, Doll Skin are still on the young side but you wouldn’t know it by their ferocity and obvious rock n’ roll prowess. But please don’t take my words for it, I’ve picked out three of my of-the-moment faves (in no particular order) to prove my point. Let’s Go 3 Reasons Why Doll Skin.    


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Let’s Be Honest


Shut Up (You Miss Me)


Family of Strangers


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