Dilettante Donna
6. April 2022 By Walter Price 0

…smoky and hot, DILETTANTE Donna

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Dilettante Donna

by Walter Price

Looking back on the history of pop songs that told an enthralling tale you’d be remiss not to mention names like Everly Brothers, Shangri-Las, Wayne Cochran, and don’t forget the later sticky stories by jukebox heroes Heart and The Chicks. But those hallowed, almost ancient sing-a-long narratives they thrilled us with are somewhat of a lost art. Until now, that is. Toronto outfit Dilettante has dropped a picturesque track brimming with lusty infatuation.

“Donna”, whoever she may or may not be, sounds like everything hazy late-night barroom encounters are made of…

The room is smoky and hot
Donna leaned over the tabletop
She did her lips slowly in a pocket mirror
Is someone coming to see her?
I wanna be her man
I wanna bow and kiss her hand
She’s not much of a talker
Drinks straight tonic water

Donna descended to the dancefloor
The room suddenly fell silent
Night after night, she looked uptight
We’ve never seen this side
Her jacket slid to the ground
Twisted her hips and stared me down
Is it the end? Can I be more than her friend?

Ooh la la, you can almost taste the indelible desire. Backed by its clear ode to the sounds of 1960s AM radio and just enough subtle disco razzle-dazzle, “Donna” is undoubtedly an instant addiction. And if by the end of this steamy encounter, you don’t find yourself craving a little of Donna’s attention, you didn’t deserve it anyway.

You can stream the hip-swaying “Donna”, now at the GTC.


Artist photo, artwork, and quote courtesy of Auteur Research

Natalie Panacci
Julia Wittmann

Bradley Connor
Zachary Stuckey
Candice Ng

Written by Julia Wittmann with help from Jesse Crowe
Arranged by Dilettante
Mixed by Josh Korody at Candle Recording
Mastered by Heather Kirby at Dreamlands Mastering

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Bandleaders Natalie Panacci and Julia Wittmann are kindred vocalists. Born just two days apart, their celestial connection lets them intertwine but never touch β€” two unmistakable voices that blend impossible shapes and colours, but never lose themselves in each other.” – bio

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