jam in the van
18. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

Dig That Jam In The Van

jam in the van

jam in the vanheady \ˈhe-dē\ causing feelings of excitement or dizziness : having a powerful effect on your senses

by Walter Price


I’ve been a huge fan of the van, Jam In The Van that is, for some time now. Simple and unique way to utilize a 92 Winnebago Holiday Rambler. Grab a few cameras, trick out an aging camper and fill it with some of the coolest artists making music. A true sense of spreading the love of music.

Since I interview the masterminds (Dave Bell and Jake Cotler) of this hell yeah on wheels a year ago things have been on the rise for the sound RVers  They’ve produced more than 1000 videos, broadened the use of the word  ‘heady’, gained nearly 14,000 Facebook fans and have further diversified the sorts of acts they have in the sounds wagon. The later further cementing what Dave told me last March and something The GTC also believes in, “Jake and I have to like a band’s music. That’s the only parameter we set. When we come across something that is enjoyable and/or interesting to us, we film it. There is no genre that we dismiss, however, in every genre, there are bands that we find interesting and bands that just don’t do it for us.”

Since this is now I thought it best to give you three reasons why Jam In The Van, if you’re not a vanfan already and all.

Jam In The Van: Website. / Facebook. / Twitter. / YouTube./ GTC Q&A


Deap Vally – “Bubble Baby”


The Mother Hips – “Stoned Up The Road”


The Wood Brothers – “Who The Devil”