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5 Things bed. Walter Price


Portland’s indie rock duo + 1 bed. (Alex, Sierra and Andrew) have a lot of early 90’s prestige working in their favor. This mixed with cerebral stories in a small but stellar catalogue of singles which finds the band producing songs just waiting for Peter Sollett to put camera to.

The surprise but no surprise with this band, stories/lyrics aside, is the work between vocalists. There is endearing and severe attractiveness in their tones and direction. Drawing you into these low-fi  or should I say “slow-fi” vignettes.

Artsy but not grating, cool, warm and what late night drives and mixtapes are made of. The band’s self impossed mystery is trying but worth the hassel. Here are 5 Things with bed.:


bed.What are 5 things the outside world gets wrong about the Portland music scene.

We don’t know. We don’t go out at night.

5 things no one knows about bed.

  1. We wear the same size jeans.
  2. Our band car’s name is Sleepymaus.
  3. We don’t eat animals.
  4. There’s a painting of Walter Matthau displayed prominently in our living room.
  5. Sierra and Alex got each other’s names tattooed on their wrists after less than a month of dating.

cinco reasons why only singles.

  1. Nobody hears our crappy B material.
  2. We can take our time recording.
  3. People listen.
  4. We can release new stuff more frequently.
  5. We always have fresh material, rather than living with an album all year until the next one comes out.

5 things “Bother”

  1. Home recorded.
  2. Backwards sample of an old man yelling “Attention!”
  3. One of our favorites to play live.
  4. Not the first song we wrote.
  5. Family ties.

fünf things “Boys”

  1. Stacks of burned CDs in jewel cases with homemade inserts from Alex’s Teenage Years found in a box at his parent’s home in Tampa.
  2. An original MTV T-shirt from the 80’s that’s worn so thin you can see through it.
  3. A complete Belle and Sebastian vinyl collection.
  4. Looking like a teenager into your 30’s.
  5. The stunting idea of becoming a famous musician. Bad for music. Bad for musicians.

5 things “Wayward”

    1. When you receive attention.
    2. When you feel entitled to attention.
    3. When you become addicted to attention.
    4. Desperation when you lose attention.
    5. Delusion. Delusion. Delusion. Delusion. Delusion.

cinq things the fresh one “Fremm”

  1. First single recorded with our drummer Andrew. Alex played drums on the other tracks.
  2. Initially titled “Friend”.
  3. It’s not about European multipurpose frigates.
  4. We drive a 1981 Mercedes 300D.
  5. We moved to Eugene, Oregon for six weeks last year and didn’t tell anybody.

五 Portland artists the world should check out

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  2. Joel Magid
  3. Eyelids
  4. Hart and Hare
  5. Brownish Black


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