Diamonds and Guns
10. April 2021 By Walter Price 0

Skål! DIAMONDS AND GUNS: Cheers to Us

Diamonds and Guns – Cheers To Us is available at Apple Music, Spotify.

Diamonds and Guns

by Walter Price

A lot of bands, with no perceivable harm intended, often fluff up their press release one-sheet. Unrealistically comparing themselves to bands so far away from their sound that its becomes a bit silly at times. So when a band states that their new single lands someplace btw The Pogues, Besserbitch, and Halestorm, not only does it pique my interest but I find myself wary just the same.

No need, as it turns out when it comes to the new single “Cheers to Us” from Stockholm’s Diamonds and Guns. A pub-drenched ode to friendship, life, and letting the post-Covid good times roll. As a prepared quote from the band explains, “Cheers To Us” is a celebration to life and its relationships. A charming song that brings with it the feeling of swinging a cold one in the company of good friends, in a smoky pub somewhere in Ireland. It’s an appropriate song in the dark corona times.”

Cheers to friends we love
Cheers to friends we lost
Cheers to all of us
And remember the times that we fucked things up
Cheers to, cheers to us

The band, I assume was named after The Transplants 2002 track of the same name, isn’t a sloppy hardcore punk band, but rather, a group of brilliant players telling stories of lives lived. And if you’re a fan of tactile sentiments, tasty guitar riffs, and heart-pounding beats, then add this one to your life-is-to-be-lived playlist.

You can stream “Cheers to Us” (lyric video) as well as the powder keg “The Lonesome Man”, now at the GTC.

Skål, friends


Band photo via Facebook

Kim Johansson – bass.
Thomas Norstedt – drums.
Pontus Åberg, lead guitar, vocals
Victor Ekvall – guitar, lead vocals

Diamonds and Guns

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The band performs punk rock / punk’n’roll with straight pipes, cocky attitude, technical drums and with a party feeling.” – bio

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