Derek Eisel
24. February 2021 By Walter Price 2

…rest of our days, DEREK EISEL – I Do

Derek Eisel – I Do is available at Spotify, YouTube.

Derek Eisel

by Walter Price

It’s no matter how you like your salt-of-the-earth folk music. Whether you spend long days soaking in the sounds of Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Lindsay White, John Denver, or Father John Misty, you’re going fall head-over-heels for Lopez Island’s Derek Eisel’s recent single, “I Do”. Yes, this is a love song, a wedding song, and it’s a powerful real story of do I or don’t I…As the songwriter is quoted, ‘I want to be in this, but I also don’t want to be in this at the exact same time.’ To me, that’s a lot more accurate to how a lot of relationships feel.”

All the magic here is in Eisel’s honest lyrics paired with a production that lets the song breath and organically thrive rather than smoothing over the singer’s rough edges. The kind of song you wish was written for and then sung to you. And to add even more beauty to this stunning track, check out the film, directed by Caleb Schnarr. A music video filled with lovely memories and cherished romance. Again, a love story told in tactile images that’ll have you saying “I Do”, in no time flat… #kudos

And you can stream this instant wedding staple as well as witness the downhome video, now at the GTC. Oh, and grab a tissue…just in case…


Artist photo/quotes courtesy of Public Display PR

Derek Eisel: Writer, vocals, guitar
Johnny Sangster: Recorded, mixed, arranged, piano, guitar
Rick Krejci: Guitar
Rock Weber: Drums
Jim Sangster: Bass
Dan Walker: Keys
Caleb Schnarr: Video

Derek Eisel

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I’m trying to share an honest point of view and not make anything up. In all the songs there’s nothing fake in terms of what they’re about and how I feel,” – D. Eisel

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