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16. June 2020 By Walter Price 0

…where did you go? SINGLE: DAWN DIVER – Rosemary [Ben Lemi, producer]

Dawn Diver – Rosemary is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

The new single from New Zealand’s Dawn Diver, “Rosemary”, is a heartbreaker. A story-song lamenting on the memories of young eyes witnessing disease takes the life of the songwriter’s mother. As harrowing as it may sound, this sentimental track is as beautiful as they come. Lyrics laid out like poetry and a melody that carries the sentiments deep into your soul. And lyric-checking Hank Williams adds to the depths in which this storyteller thrives.

Rosemary please take me home
We’ve been on this road too long
Oh mother can you hear me crying?
There’s something I want you to see

You had the disease for a while
and it seemed that for a time it was dormant
but then like the tide it came and took your life
the nervous system and the respiratory

You can stream this stunning track and a bonus one, written/produced by Ben Lemi [French For Rabbits / Congress Of Animals], below.


+ Warming to you

Band photo by Lilian Pang

Backing Vocals by Rose Blake and Deanne Krieg
Recorded at The Surgery by Ben Lemi
Written, Mixed and Produced by Ben Lemi
Mastered by Pete Maher

dawn diver

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As a youth I heard Mr. Williams sing about how he was so lonesome he could cry / and maybe as a child I knew more about what it meant to feel something

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