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…you don’t understand, DAILY THOMPSON Cantaloupe Melon

Daily Thompson – Cantaloupe Melon is available at Spotify, Apple Music, noisolution.de.

by Walter Price

What if you took bits and sparks from ‘Trompe le Monde’, ‘Goo’, and ‘Flip Your Wig’ and crafted a sprawling post-punk psych-sewn track? Ponder no more, German rock n rollers Daily Thompson have what you’ve been waiting for in their new single “Cantaloupe Melon”.

Coming in at a brilliant who-cares-about-radio-play of 6:39 minutes, this song is a voyage that’ll take you to quite a few sonic landmarks along the way. Fuzz riddled guitar, indelible discombobulated harmonies, poetic strings, and enough valleys of old school college rock à la the likes of The Cure and Pavement, that you’ll have no idea if you’re coming or going. Timeless. Limbic.

“Cantaloupe Melon” is from the forthcoming album ‘God Of Spinoza’, expected December 3, 2021, via Noisolution. And you can stream the single and see the short film, (a work-of-art come to life by director Daniel Hacker with art direction by Dortmund and based artist Gudrun Kattke. It’s a visual masterclass that may remind you of those fantastic mindfuck landscapes in videos from Soundgarden and Nirvana. You’ll know it when you see it…) Now at the GTC.

DAILY THOMPSON Cantaloupe Melon

Band photo by Jonas Wenz

Mercedes “Mephi” Lalakakis
Dany Zaremba
Matthias Glass

Music Video, Directed by Daniel Hacker

Art direction by Dortmund based artist Gudrun Kattke

Special thanks to GVL and Neustart Kultur

Daily Thompson

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Barely a year after DAILY THOMPSON released their album “Oumuamua”, they put their next long-player on the turntable. In a time when many musicians have lost their creativity and energy, the Drei Dortmunders just kept going and played their frustration and boredom out of their clothes at home and in the rehearsal room. Streaming concerts, videos, rehearsal room sessions – just keep going. And above all, new songs were written …” – band bio (translated)

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