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The Return of Cypress Hill: “Band of Gypsies” from ELEPHANTS ON ACID

Cypress Hill – Elephants on Acid is available for pre-order @ iTunes. Cypress Hill by Walter Price   In the early nineties while at University, I was increasingly mixing in hip-hop to my vast array of college rock and post-punk mainstays. And two groups reigned supreme those days. House of Pain and Cypress Hill. Both from Los Angeles but nearly worlds apart. House of Pain had that Irish lean, making me think they were Bostonians and not from the city of angels. But Cypress Hill, a Latino outfit caused no confusion of their West Coast connections. And as a twenty-something pothead, their lyrics found this goofy white boy jammin. The guys are back in a big way. With their first album in eight years, Elephants on Acid (out September 28th). And their new single “Band of Gypsies” is taking things a bit further than we’ve previously been used too. Like, to Egypt. Local streets scenes, hookahs, and guest rappers…its hints of classic Cypress Hill in a whole new world. And about the new album’s titles, Sen Dog explained to NME, “The name Elephants on Acid, DJ Muggs came up with that name. I know what it means for me, but it might mean something different to everyone else. To me, Elephants on Acid is the ability to be weird and to be strange with music. It’s not following the same cycle of whatever is hot at the same time.” I can do weird all day…Welcome back CP!


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Directed by DJ Muggs / Article cover photo by Eitan Miskevich  

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