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Critique, not pointing out your flaws, but a chance to learn…

jp meBy J.P. Kallio

If I was to tell you that you are wasting time, how would you take it? Tighten up your shoulders, cross your arms and get all defensive? Or would you sink down look upon me from under your eyes like hurt a puppy and admit to it? Why do we take any form of criticism so negatively?

Sure in this world we live in there are loads of people who have no better things to do with their life than surf the net and give out about other people’s work. But their opinions mean nothing and they definitely should not stop you doing what you do.

But what I am talking about is good criticism that we can learn from. If someone finds a flaw in our work, they are actually doing us a favour. We can go back and work on that flaw. We can improve whatever it is we are working on. You can think you have built the greatest masterpiece in the world, but it is only that in your head! You need to get some outside perspective.

So instead of getting defensive, we should thank them for the constructive criticism. Except if you come across one of those haters who have nothing better to do than find a fault in others work, just to mask their own inabilities. It’s easier to tell someone that their song sucks, than to admit that you haven’t written the greatest song of the universe you always planned to write. These people are toxic and you have my permission to walk away from them.

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