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26. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Covering The Smiths

I’d say Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want is the most covered but I wouldn’t know – some clever clogs somewhere would know better than I would. There have been a couple of tribute albums I haven’t heard, which sounds incredibly blasé, but I live my life in pursuit of the the smithsnext day so I don’t get around to a lot of things that concern the past. – Johnny Marr

by Walter Price



Working on this week’s GTC podcast, an excellent jaunt down the glory road that was 1983 music, I ran into several covers of The Sniths classics. Most I’ve heard over the years and some new stuff that dazzled my senses.

So why not share some of the best of the best or at least the ones I dig. I think I’ll be doing an all covers edition of the GTC Podcast Hearthis in the coming weeks.


“Hand In Glove” – Sandie Shaw (1984)

Interesting: Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce & Andy Rourke play on this one. This charted higher than The Smiths version.


“How Soon Is Now” – Love Spit Love (1995)

Interesting: Love Spit Love or Psychedelic Furs 2 if you will, had major success with this cover version of the mandmark Smiths tune. You may remember it as the theme to Charmed. I don’t but you might. Check out the clip…Oh, and I like the t.A.T.u. version as well. See it HERE.


“I Know It’s Over” – Jeff Buckley (1995)

Interesting: Buckley recorded this song for a radio program but some genius edited it out before airing the special. Haha, it is one of the best if not most powerful covers of any song by any one ever. 


“This Charming Man” – Death Cab for Cutie (before or during 1997…)

Interesting: I seem to dig many things for different reasons, as one does. I have no idea why but I’ve played this garaged-out cover more than any Smiths cover, like ever! I also don’t know if this info qualifies as interesting.


“There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” – Trespassers William (2011?)

Interesting: Vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams is the closest to a female Morrissey the world has so no wonder this cover is a must hear and hear again for any Smithsophile.


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